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Trail of Fear

Trail of Cheer presents

The Magic of Christmas

WORLD PREMIER PRESENTATION for 2022: The Magic of Christmas is a special interactive experience taking the audience on a special and unexpected adventure!  As Santa’s new head elf Gerald is introducing the audience to Santa, events unfold and the audience is drawn into an adventure to save The Magic of Christmas! You will see new Christmas characters including Santa’s elves, a new Christmas Villain, and maybe even a talking stuffed animal named Maury the Moose! This roughly 50-minute presentation will end with the audience having a private meet and greet with Santa right after the show!

  • Please tell your children that you are going to see Santa Claus. If possible do not mention the adventure so it’s kept a surprise.
  • When purchasing tickets for your child there will be an option to provide certain (generic) information about your child so that we could call upon them if selected. If you think they would like a chance to participate in the show, please provide their name and information that only Santa would know about them. There is a limited number of opportunities for us to include children in the show so not all children will be chosen.  However, all the children WILL have a little time to chat with Santa and the cast after the show.  Children participating in the show are chosen completely at random.

TICKET PRICES: $15 per person ages 12 & up, $12 per person ages 4-11, ages 3 and under are free.

IMPORTANT: Showtime starts promptly at 6:00pm each night and there is no late entry allowed. We will be happy to move your tickets to another available showtime on another if you are late.

The Magic of Christmas concept and format was created by Bob Wright with additional character and plot development from Angel Velazquez and Addam Tate, scripting assistance provided by Eric Bradford.  The Magic of Christmas is produced in partnership between the Trail of Cheer, Trail of Fear, and Lawton Interactive Theater and is Directed by Sandy Greene.

The Magic of Christmas is Copyright 2022 by Bob Wright, Angel Velazquez, and Addam Tate

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